Mardibum is moving

I have decided to move my blog over to wordpress I will keep this one going for a while then shut it down down

Richard Mayabi who was a slum pastor in Kibera, Nairobi

Today we had Richard Mayabi from Kenya with us.He came to us along with Paul Ede who has visited his church in Nairobi and has been studying with him at ICC.
It was a great blessing to have him preach and to hear his passion for God,yes he comes from a different world but I felt challenged by his words.He reminded us of the power of Gods word to change things ,the power we have to speak that word not only to ourselves but to others.
I believe we have much to learn from our brothers and sister in Africa I think they can help us to believe again that with God all things are possible.So a big thank you to Richard and you never know I may take him up on his invitation to visit Nairobi next year along with Paul and a few others.

The nines leadership conference

Found this on TSK thenines looks like it could be a great idea.An on line leadership conference with 9 minute messages from an amazing list of leaders .The event starts today and is free but you must register.You can dip in and out through the day and join in through twitter and a few other techno gizmos.